The Webb We Weave….

We’re pleased to represent Frank Webb’s Bath Centers, showrooms for F.W.Webb. We thank all the great media reps we partnered with this year. Business has increased in most showroom locations and the Frank Webb’s Bath Center marketing team is pleased with the results. Planning for 2013 has started with a research phase, which will be completed in the next two weeks. At the completion of this research phase, which has included the marketing team’s review and brainstorming on what went well and what was challenging, as well as a showroom manager’s survey and phone interviews of various managers who have unique challenges, we will post in this blog the requirements for 2013 proposals. We anticipate the budget to be even with last year.

We are getting, as you can imagine, many calls and emails about this wonderful account and will be happy to review proposals ONCE OUR REQUIREMENTS ARE POSTED ON THIS BLOG in a week or two. All proposals will be reviewed as long as they follow the requirements that will be posted here.

A few preliminary things to think about on this buy…we are looking for hard-working media to raise brand awareness and attract showroom customers to Frank Webb’s Bath Centers, which now has more than 30 showrooms in MA, NH, VT, ME, CT, RI and Upstate New York. The primary target market is a woman 35-64, income over $75K, educated and a homeowner. If your radio station, television station, online medium or printed publication(s) does not target this market, this is not the client for you.

F.W. Webb is the contractor/industrial side of the business and targets a male demographic, but that is not the media buy we are focusing on here.

We will post strategy and objectives of the buy before the end of October. Please check back for specifics and know that we will not be returning calls until proposals are reviewed. We thank you for your interest in working with Frank Webb’s Bath Center to help increase awareness of this great company.

Kelly McCoy

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