Frank Webb’s Bath Center – Television RFP – PART ONE

While we are still looking at budget and strategy for Frank Webb’s Bath Center in 2014, I thought it would be good to start with preliminary RFP information to get the ball rolling. The one mainstay of the Webb campaign continues to be television. We get very good response and feedback from television. This doesn’t mean we won’t be using other media in the coming year, so don’t consider yourselves out of the picture if you represent radio, online, print, etc. It is just that we know that television will be a primary part of the mix and I will post other media information ASAP. So, I am asking all television reps to please do the following (please read carefully and submit your information as requested to ensure you are considered.)

1. Please email me ( with a subject line that shows FWBC (for Frank Webb’s Bath Center), followed by your station call letters and the primary market you serve. So your email subject might be: FWBC – WXXX-TV – Syracuse – Part 1

This allows me to search my long list of emails by FWBC and find all of your proposals easily and see that I’m looking at Part 1 of your 2014 information. If you don’t use this format for your subject line, you may get buried, which will cause you to not be considered.

2. Please attach a coverage map and indicate (in the body of your email) ALL Frank Webb’s Bath Center locations that would be covered by placement on your station(s), as the economies here are extremely important in our decision making.

3. Please do not call with questions; all communication at this point should be via email.

WEBB-TARGET4. In your email, please send rankers that show your station vs. the market competition specifically for Women 35-64, HHI $100K and up. We would like these rankers to include news on your station(s), PLUS any programming that you believe would target this demographic in an effective way (and explain why you think this is the best way to get at this consumer). Please include your most recent book and rankers from Q1 of 2013.

5. Our secondary demographic is Men 35-64, homeowners with HHI $100K and up. Therefore, information on programming that hits our primary demo in a solid way and then also targets our secondary audience, will be of great interest.

6. Please DO NOT send specific schedules or proposals at this time, as we will have specific requirements once we have the budget/strategy finalized. This exercise is to see where you stand vs. competition with this demographic and understand the programming you offer that will specifically target our demo. We don’t anticipate budgets changing significantly from last year, so please do not showcase a line-up of all prime time, which will most likely not be able to be included in our budget. We are looking for news (which gets us our primary Women 35-64, plus our male secondary demo) and any other programming that targets these homeowners.

7. Please DO NOT contact the client, as they have requested that all 2014 proposal information come through us.

8. Remember, this buy is for Frank Webb’s Bath Center, the CONSUMER showrooms of F.W. Webb Company. The target audience is the homeowner (not contractors) here.

9. Please submit this PART 1 information via email no later than 5PM on October 21, 2013.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to receiving your information,

Kelly McCoy

P.S. We recommend all radio, online, print and other reps check back on this blog weekly to get updates. Thanks for your patience.

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