Happy New Year!

As the year 2011 comes to an end, The McCoy Group has started this blog to close the door not only on a calendar year, but also to signal the completion of our move to Maine. This past year has been a wild ride from the high school graduation of our younger daughter, Eliza, and her going off to NYU’s Tisch school for musical theater (all during Hurricane Irene!) Then there’s been the selling of our home of 20 years in Massachusetts, and moving both our home and office to Ogunquit, Maine. In between, our older daughter, Molly, has navigated the post-college waters by launching a freelance business, working for a weekly newspaper as copy editor, and now taking a wonderful position as a social media manager for one of our clients (Atlas Travel International) and she’s moving to Providence, RI to embrace the opportunity. We feel so very proud, lucky and quite tired : )

We are so grateful to have such wonderful clients. Your confidence in us for 25 years has made this adventure possible. We are working harder than ever, however being able to walk to the ocean, just blocks from our Maine home, makes life very special. There’s a sign posted on the highway as you enter Maine on I-95. It says, “Maine: The Way Life Should Be.” We definitely agree.

We thank you all and look forward to working with you and spreading the word about your excellence in 2012!

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