Frank Webb Home “No Place Like Home” Series on CBS Stations


The McCoy Group has partnered with Frank Webb Home, the retail showrooms of F.W. Webb Company, to produce “No Place Like Home.” These one-minute video episodes aired as the lead-in to CBS Sunday Morning every week in March and will return to CBS affiliates throughout the Northeast in October with four new episodes. Designed to showcase the expertise found at F.W. Webb’s 40 showrooms, “No Place Like Home” is designed to inspire viewers with new ideas to update their homes. In addition to the television series, the “No Place Like Home” campaign is amplified through digital advertising, radio endorsements, direct mail and point-of-sale communications throughout the showroom footprint. To see the videos and learn more about the campaign, visit

Congratulations to Clarke on Boston Seaport Opening of 7 Tide


Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen, has not only opened its first Boston location, but developed the newest design destination in the city’s hottest neighborhood. Right on 7 Tide Street in Boston Seaport, you’ll find 7 Tide, home to Clarke’s most extraordinary location yet plus the country’s first Experience Center for  Marvin Windows & Doors.

Check out this great video we did with CBS Boston all about this one-of-a-kind place.

Frank Webb’s Bath Centers 2015 RFP

Before we even talk about demographics, budgets and strategy, I need to start with one fact that must be adhered to by any rep that does business with Frank Webb’s Bath Center in 2015:

The client pays directly…net. All invoices should be sent directly to the client and The McCoy Group is not responsible for payment. The client has an impeccable payment history, when the invoices are submitted properly.

If you send copies of invoices to The McCoy Group, we see them as just that: copies. We appreciate being kept in the loop and this allows us to communicate with the client on the details of the account, however, we will not be paying for media. We are the creative and media planning agency only. This has been an ongoing problem with media reps for the past two years. You will be given the client contact information for billing when we go to contract. Please make sure you pay attention to this.

Client Identity
The next important point is this: F.W. Webb Company is the parent corporation and they will be paying the bills. However, the ADVERTISER is Frank Webb’s Bath Center (the showroom division of F.W. Webb.) Any time you refer to the client, please use “Frank Webb’s Bath Center.” It is essential for branding the showrooms that they be referred by the correct name.

Who is Frank Webb’s Bath Center?
Frank Webb’s Bath Centers are the retail consumer showrooms of F.W. Webb Company, the largest distributor of plumbing, heating, HVAC, refrigeration and industrial pipes, valves & fittings in the Northeast. The parent company deals with contractors, developers, engineers, facilities managers and more. Frank Webb’s Bath Centers assists homeowners/consumers with selecting plumbing fixtures, accessories and lighting for bathrooms and kitchens. Frank Webb’s Bath Centers are located in all six New England states, plus upstate New York and they will open their first showroom in Pennsylvania by the end of the year. There are more than 35 Frank Webb’s Bath Centers.

Who is the target market?
Frank Webb’s Bath Center’s primary target market is Women, age 35-64, income $100K and up. They also serve a secondary market of Men, age 35-64, income $100K and up. Customers generally live within 30 miles of a showroom. In some markets there is overlap between multiple showrooms, however several others are in stand-alone locations. We are not interested in media delivering multitudes of people; we are interested in media that delivers the specific target market.

Feedback from Frank Webb’s Bath Center customers has confirmed the company’s differentiators: wide variety of quality products; friendly, knowledgeable showroom consultants passionate about helping homeowners create the project of their dreams; working displays that allow customers to see how various plumbing fixtures work (water pressure, water delivery, fixture operation, features in action); free delivery; willingness to work with your contractor to assure job success.

2015 Strategy
The media over the past two years has been working, so we will not be changing much. We invest heavily in broadcast and cable television that efficiently deliver our target customer. We augment with radio in some, but not all, markets. We are launching a new website in Q1 2015 and will invest in a robust mix of online media opportunities. We will continue to use print extremely sparingly. If you can document the efficacy of your print media with our target market, please email information that defines your publication and why we should consider it.

Include All of These in Your Proposal

Please make your email subject line: Webb – (market you serve) – name of your media
So your email subject might be: Webb-Syracuse-WSYR-TV

You must include a coverage map for your media so we can see how you deliver to more than one showroom.
In your email, you must include your name, media outlet and location (if you are with a network of any kind, please don’t identify yourself as that network without the local market indicated) and all of your contact information.

If you identify yourself as Bill from CBS and don’t tell us whether you are radio, television or online and what showrooms your outlet serves, it will be impossible for us to consider your proposal.

Please Do NOT Send Proposals If…
In order to prevent wasting your time and ours, please do not send proposals for media that does not specifically target our customer. In some cases, you may think your medium is perfect, but the client has decided for various reasons not to consider certain media. These include: Pennysaver newspapers, Direct Mail Coupon Packs, Advertising Placemats, Shopping Cart Ads, among others. While some of these may have merit, we simply do not have the budget to include them in our buy and suggest you save your time by not contacting us.

Where To Send Information…
Please email all information to be considered to:
We will not be accepting cold calls and we will call any rep whose media information is of interest. If you do not hear back from us, feel free to send a second email, but please do not call.

What’s the Budget?
When a medium is being considered, the rep will get an email from us with the budget range he/she should plan to include in the proposal. We will always give you the NET budget. You need to indicate in your proposal whether the numbers you are using are gross or net so that we are on the same page. We realize that some of your computer programs only indicate gross, but if you don’t tell us that, we will think you disregarded our NET budget.

When Will We Be Advertising?
We are producing a new Frank Webb’s Bath Center :30 television commercial, which should be ready for airing by January 19, 2015. We would like to be on as many weeks as possible between Jan 19 – Jun 15, and again between Aug 20 – Nov. 1.

Radio will be scheduled (depending on the market) between Feb and May and/or Aug-Oct.

Online will start between mid-January and mid-February and run through mid-November.

We do not pay for media during the busy holiday season in November and December, so you need not send us gift guide or other holiday proposals.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please email

As we said at the beginning, we aren’t changing much, but we are always open to fresh ideas that make sense for the client. Thanks for your interest and we look forward to all information that makes sense. Happy Holidays!

Frank Webb’s Bath Center 2015 Plans

I have had many inquiries in the past month and reminders that I hadn’t updated this page in quite awhile. We are currently working with the marketing team at Frank Webb’s Bath Center to clarify the strategy and budget for 2015. When we have more information, I will update you here. There will not be any additional 4th quarter buys this year. All activity is now focused on 2015. Stay tuned for more information. Thanks!

Happy Holidays & a Webb Update

Happy Holidays to our clients and business partners. Our offices are closed from Dec. 19 – Jan 2. We will reopen on Friday, January 3rd.

We have just completed the television portion of the Frank Webb’s Bath Center media plan. I have contacted all reps who are included in the buy and have reached out (I think) to all those who were not included. We carefully reviewed everyone’s information and had to make some tough decisions. If you are still waiting for a result, I apologize for not getting back to you personally and thank you for participating. All television media has been placed and I’m sorry that budget has not allowed me to include your station in the plan in 2013. You are welcome to check back on this website in October 2014 for information regarding proposals for 2015.

IMG_2043We will be looking at radio, online and special showroom manager requests in January. I will post details here when our office reopens. Please do not call the office, as you will get our out of office message. I also recommend that you NOT send emails in the next two weeks, as you will be snowed under a pile of holiday email and may not be promptly seen when we are back in the office.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas
and Happy 2014!

Kelly McCoy

Happy New Year!

As the year 2011 comes to an end, The McCoy Group has started this blog to close the door not only on a calendar year, but also to signal the completion of our move to Maine. This past year has been a wild ride from the high school graduation of our younger daughter, Eliza, and her going off to NYU’s Tisch school for musical theater (all during Hurricane Irene!) Then there’s been the selling of our home of 20 years in Massachusetts, and moving both our home and office to Ogunquit, Maine. In between, our older daughter, Molly, has navigated the post-college waters by launching a freelance business, working for a weekly newspaper as copy editor, and now taking a wonderful position as a social media manager for one of our clients (Atlas Travel International) and she’s moving to Providence, RI to embrace the opportunity. We feel so very proud, lucky and quite tired : )

We are so grateful to have such wonderful clients. Your confidence in us for 25 years has made this adventure possible. We are working harder than ever, however being able to walk to the ocean, just blocks from our Maine home, makes life very special. There’s a sign posted on the highway as you enter Maine on I-95. It says, “Maine: The Way Life Should Be.” We definitely agree.

We thank you all and look forward to working with you and spreading the word about your excellence in 2012!