The Webb We Weave….

We’re pleased to represent Frank Webb’s Bath Centers, showrooms for F.W.Webb. We thank all the great media reps we partnered with this year. Business has increased in most showroom locations and the Frank Webb’s Bath Center marketing team is pleased with the results. Planning for 2013 has started with a research phase, which will be completed in the next two weeks. At the completion of this research phase, which has included the marketing team’s review and brainstorming on what went well and what was challenging, as well as a showroom manager’s survey and phone interviews of various managers who have unique challenges, we will post in this blog the requirements for 2013 proposals. We anticipate the budget to be even with last year.

We are getting, as you can imagine, many calls and emails about this wonderful account and will be happy to review proposals ONCE OUR REQUIREMENTS ARE POSTED ON THIS BLOG in a week or two. All proposals will be reviewed as long as they follow the requirements that will be posted here.

A few preliminary things to think about on this buy…we are looking for hard-working media to raise brand awareness and attract showroom customers to Frank Webb’s Bath Centers, which now has more than 30 showrooms in MA, NH, VT, ME, CT, RI and Upstate New York. The primary target market is a woman 35-64, income over $75K, educated and a homeowner. If your radio station, television station, online medium or printed publication(s) does not target this market, this is not the client for you.

F.W. Webb is the contractor/industrial side of the business and targets a male demographic, but that is not the media buy we are focusing on here.

We will post strategy and objectives of the buy before the end of October. Please check back for specifics and know that we will not be returning calls until proposals are reviewed. We thank you for your interest in working with Frank Webb’s Bath Center to help increase awareness of this great company.

Kelly McCoy


Clarke and Frank Webb’s Bath Center Focus on Boston Magazine Design Home 2012

Rendering of Boston Design Home 2012

The kitchens and baths in the Boston Magazine Design Home are sure to be magnificent!

We are very pleased that two of our clients are adding their products and design expertise to Boston Magazine’s Design Home 2012 on Lot 2 of Cowings Cove in Norwell, MA. The home, built by Eugene Mattie, is a 4800-square-foot Greek Revival-style home and promises to be a stunning example of everything a home can be in New England. Clarke, New England’s exclusive distributor for high-performance appliances from Sub-Zero, Wolf, Asko, Best and other fine brands, will provide all appliances for the main kitchen and outdoor kitchen. Frank Webb’s Bath Center, the showrooms of F.W. Webb, are providing all bath and kitchen plumbing products. In October 2012, the Design Home will open its doors to the public for six weeks of house tours – with all proceeds benefiting the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Watch for updates on this exciting project.

Yelp! I Need Somebody! Yelp!

It’s said that Yelp, an online hub of business reviews, attracts more than 66 million reviews a month. Guess it’s not bad that Molly (our social media/community manager daughter) found one bad review for our client Atlas Travel International today. Not a bad ratio, when they also have several great reviews online. The very interesting thing is that Atlas has a culture of individual customer service. It comes from the top down…straight from CEO Elaine Osgood who is never satisfied if a customer has a need, a question, a concern. Her motto has been for 26 years, “All feedback is good feedback.” That is a great way to be in business.

So, when Molly reached out to the corporate travel management staff at Atlas this afternoon to see if anyone knew this guy who had yelped, and to learn why he would have been dissatisfied, I watched a flurry of emails that were a testimony to the company’s dedication, integrity and pride. To the staff’s credit, Elaine doesn’t even have to be involved. They are all empowered and motivated to use all internal means to find out who “John” is in California. They want to find out why he isn’t satisfied. They want to make it right. Not because he complained publicly, although what professional business person wouldn’t be bothered by that? They’re even more bothered because they didn’t know that they have a customer who is unhappy enough to complain publicly.

The investigation continues. They are looking up records, talking to account managers, sifting through past surveys and making sure all negative comments to the staff have been followed up. They really pride themselves in this. Every Atlas survey (and they receive quite a few back) is read and every negative comment, concern or question is answered.

I’m disturbed if John (who is what I will call a “serial Yelper” with more than 20 reviews of everything from the Honda dealer he doesn’t like to the dentist he left) didn’t talk to Atlas Travel directly about his grievance. I understand the frustration of people who communicate their customer service woes to a company and still find no satisfaction (I’ve been there.) However, I have watched and listened to every level of team member at Atlas Travel communicate with customers for more than 25 years. Based on their track record, I can’t believe John could have reached out to Atlas to share his concerns…and that is the real tragedy. The business who doesn’t deliver for you always deserves to know you are unhappy before you go public. I’ve been known to go all the way to the president or CEO of large financial institutions to share my frustrations and it does make a difference. The customer has to take some responsibility to voice their points of pain if service is to improve.

I’m wondering when looking at online reviews like those that John posts, if this is the best way to judge a company (and so many people do today…either thumbs up or down.) While in the marketing world we tell clients that sites like Yelp are an extension of word of mouth (your best advertising)…you have to wonder if the serial Yelpers and their counterparts on other sites would say the things they post if actually faced with a hard-working representative of the company trying to address their concerns. I urge every dissatisfied customer to talk to the business in question first and post later. Anonymous public venting should not be our first option as customers, but rather our last resort. Perhaps there would be more happy customers in the world and more positive posts on the Internet if we talked by phone or in person more often.

So, I’m hoping the Atlas team can find John and talk to him so I can report back that a personal communication, a team that really cares, has inspired John to amend his Yelp review…he did that this month for the restaurant he slammed…there is hope!


The cobbler’s children never have new shoes.

Today, while I was in Massachusetts, at Atlas Travel for a photo shoot and meetings, Jim put a new face on our blog. Finally, our logo and a photo of the cove near our home office shows that sometimes the cobbler’s child (or his wife) does get new shoes.

Now, I finally feel that I can dig into this blog, spreading the word about great businesses and the interesting things they offer the world. Stay tuned for great news and views.


Happy New Year!

As the year 2011 comes to an end, The McCoy Group has started this blog to close the door not only on a calendar year, but also to signal the completion of our move to Maine. This past year has been a wild ride from the high school graduation of our younger daughter, Eliza, and her going off to NYU’s Tisch school for musical theater (all during Hurricane Irene!) Then there’s been the selling of our home of 20 years in Massachusetts, and moving both our home and office to Ogunquit, Maine. In between, our older daughter, Molly, has navigated the post-college waters by launching a freelance business, working for a weekly newspaper as copy editor, and now taking a wonderful position as a social media manager for one of our clients (Atlas Travel International) and she’s moving to Providence, RI to embrace the opportunity. We feel so very proud, lucky and quite tired : )

We are so grateful to have such wonderful clients. Your confidence in us for 25 years has made this adventure possible. We are working harder than ever, however being able to walk to the ocean, just blocks from our Maine home, makes life very special. There’s a sign posted on the highway as you enter Maine on I-95. It says, “Maine: The Way Life Should Be.” We definitely agree.

We thank you all and look forward to working with you and spreading the word about your excellence in 2012!